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GiveMeDefect.com, is a quickly evolving powerful online resource for comprehensive information and insight on software testing. It is a leading knowledge portal on software testing. Well structured and presented information help software test practitioners to get what they are seeking for.

By understanding the needs and wants of software test practitioners, information is collected, segregated, clustered and presented to fulfill every requirement of software test practitioners covering wide range of topics and test related domains. It consists of presenting you the wonderful collection of links, technical papers, white papers from industry experts, and more.

Come, learn, share and contribute to GiveMeDefect.com and be a part of unique software testing community.

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Article: Basics of Web Security Testing
Article: Load Testing SOAs which Utilize Web Services How to Leverage Existing Tools when Testing Service - Oriented Architectures Based on Web
Article: Usability and Its Assessment & Evaluation - Introductory Note
by Arunkumar Khannur
Article: on Successfully Implementing Testing in your Organization
by Srinivasan Desikan
Article: on Test Methodology for an Effective Regression Testing
by Srinivasan Desikan
Article: on Scalability/ Performance Testing of Server Software
by Srinivasan Desikan
Article: on Thinking hats that make Software Testing effective
by Anuj Magazine
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